About Legacy

What is Legacy and how does it work?

LEGACY is about passing on information should you die or become permanently incapacitated.  LEGACY is a great addition to a WILL, keeping information current, but it does not replace the need for a WILL.

LEGACY allows you to keep track of almost anything without anyone knowing what or where it is until you want them to know.  If something happens to you then the people you want to see the contents of LEGACY will.  It could be family recipes, old memories not to be forgotten or lost through the passing of time or a fleet of million dollar yachts it doesn´t matter.  Keep a list of responsibilities, obligations, or even secrets you´ve kept all your life not wanting anyone to know while you were alive or of sound mind.  !!!! ALMOST ANYTHING !!!!

LEGACY can even do the old, if something happens to me the police or someone will be notified of certain information.

This is a road map for your Survivors.  They will be able to locate all your ASSETS when appropriate.  It does not allow anyone to access any of your ASSETS, accounts or records without going through the proper legal channels within your state or legal jurisdiction.

Legacy is a tool to help your beneficiaries, heirs and legatees locate all your assets when you pass away.  Because assets you have can change rapidly and it is possible that you own assets that no one knows about, now you can account for them and still maintain your privacy.  Too many pass away and their assets go unclaimed.  Put an end to this or at least minimize losses by spending a little time listing your ASSETS and when the time comes Legacy will send lists and files to your DESIGNATED SURVIVOR.

Stay on top of your transactions by immediately entering the information, (via your computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone), or scan and upload files.  You can upload items like your most recent will, stocks bonds, safety deposit boxes, etc. and tell the location of the asset or original documents.  You must login to your account once a week making additions or deletions or just login if you do not need to change anything, but you must login within 7 days.

You must insure in the event you are incapacitated that your account gets accessed or the email is responded to or the information will be sent.

If you have any questions or want to make a comment use the Contact Us page and we will try to get back to you within 24 hours.

To join Legacy click on "join" read the terms and conditions and at the end click on the "Agree" box and PayPal option will appear click on it to complete the process.